ice cream.
2007-07-05 @ 1:50P

He wants to be more than just friends, but I can't imagine being naked in front of anyone other than myself (even that sometimes is difficult) I laugh off his suggestion - careful not to show the fragile state I'm in & sink my teeth into to cold, soft taste of minty chocolate delight. He decides it's best to wait until I finish & shyly plays with his feet. We don't speak another word until I've devoured every last bite of the cone, & of course in doing so I've got a killer tummy ache & feel terribly fat for eating the whole thing.
"I love you." he breaths after a few seconds pass by.
"I LOVE YOU" he says sternly. It takes a moment to register in my mind & I'm suddenly afraid of who might be watching us.
"I know you think I care much more about all those other girls I talk to, but I've never told them that. It doesn't matter anymore anyway because I've finally said it & I know you probably don't believe me, but I couldn't care less if you never talk to me again because I got it off my chest."
I ask him to take me home & we never speak again.

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