2009-02-27 @ 11:33P

All throughout my childhood i can remember having a themed bedroom. It was mostly (if not always) things that have been given to me. i had a lot of disney princess merchandise because of this. i can remember having an ariel & pocahontas themed rooms. Once i got older i kept getting pink accessories so for a few years had a pink room although it was never my favourite colour or anything - it was nice. it was always pretty & soothing to spend time in. When i started growing out of that & getting into the interior decorating scene (which was HUGE at the time) watching the old trading spaces (before paige davis came along) i eased into more elborate oriental designs. My next room used chinese style accessories. & then we moved. & suddenly my things didn`t look so good in my new room. That`s when i delved into the beach theme. That was the most expensive project so far & quite possibly had the most work involved - but an overhaul was very much needed & it was indeed well worth it all. For awhile after the beach room looked great. & then we moved again & there was not much i could do to make the new room look good. it never looked clean because the white walls & ceiling had a strange texture on them. So i settled for a blue theme - again this had never been my favourite colour but i settled for it because i was given so many blue things that would go together in the room. it still didn`t look it`s best. That`s why i was even more excited to move the next time. Which brings me to the room i have now. & i took this opportunity to take advantage of my lack of furniture & use it as an excuse to buy some more in the name of decor of course. rug clock pretty room cu te bedroom egyptian theme room

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