edge of thorns
2008-12-23 @ 2:39P

Here`s my christmas lust list - though i suppose i shouldn`t call it that for the sake of sounding greedy & feeling guilty. Here are some of the things i wouldn`t mind receiving for christmas this year:
Victoria Beckham's that extra half 

an inch

super cool skeleton hand 

Other than that i believe i`ve got all of the non-materialistic things i could ever want.
Last friday my friend had a party for everyone at work. i didn`t know work parties could be so much fun. i always saw hear people talking about them saying how they felt obligated to go & nobody enjoys themselves - i guess this is what happens when you have a certain blend of people together.
Aside from that it looks like it might be a quiet christmas. i must say that i am getting a little tired of spending christmas at home & never doing anything during the holiday season so hopefully there will be plenty more get-togethers where this one came from. i need to have somewhere to go so i have a chance to wear my hideous christmas sweater. & here are some things i wouldn`t mind wearing to the festivities. years ago i always thought i`d wanted a black tree with purple lights, but then i see ones like this & i can`t seem to make up my mind. But of course these are just as beautiful of a decoration. i think i should mention that it snowed last wednesday & appears to actually be staying for awhile. i`m glad our winters have snow & not rain. i wish my backyard looked like this! So pretty.

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