i can`t get old.
2008-12-16 @ 8:25P

So i`ve been getting too excited again & started searching around for some more in-depth ideas of next years halloween possibilities. i always try to make excuses for getting excited when it`s so far away, but logically the more i work on it ahead of time - the more money & time i will have to spare the closer the day actually comes. & that was the main reason why i started creating my costumes in february. Not to mention that there`s not much to do in february so staying in to work on a costume comes easy. i think i`m going to stay with my original idea of starting out buying a dress since that`s the hardest & most expensive part. Basically just going to look for something that is generally the right colour & shape. i`d be very happy if i could find anything that looked similar to these: i was surprised to find as little of this idea as i did after searching for way too long i only found a few results. But of course where better to look for mermaid photos than the mermaid parade: i love this dress even though it is supposed to look like a flapper dress i think the top & sweetheart neckline is so mermaid-esque
i suppose at this point in construction i`m really just making excuses to look at beautiful photos & artwork when i should really be focussing on other things like gifts for christmas - maybe next time; especially when halloween is now so totally far away. i can never wait.

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