just one of the many things i`ve learnt about myself over the years.
2008-12-11 @ 7:35P

With the work i`m doing it really forces you to be a social & friendly: not just an approachable person. something so simple as smiling at a stranger can tell you a lot about them. For instance: if they make eye contact then smile that means they are either in a very good mood or they are naturally always kindhearted & it would be a good time to talk with them. if someone notices you but does not say or do anything they are probably in a bad mood & want to be left alone. Most anyone who is trying to be neutral will smile back or sometimes even strike up a conversation with you. if someone does not make eye contact at all than they are either much too busy or simply not worth your time. This seems like common sense & in a way it is human instinct to be able to tell these things, so i wonder why it is so difficult to apply this when it comes to meeting new people in awkward situations outside of a workplace or various dating scenarios? i know it`s not like this for everyone, but what`s the reason for it - for me? i`m beginning to think i will never meet more new people outside of work ever again. Time for a change of pace. Bonne journée!

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