you be one, you be twoo, and i`ll be threee
2008-12-08 @ 4:38P

second snow last night! it always happens when nobody is talking about it! We must have gotten something like 10cm. There i was last night out there waiting for the bus expecting it to start raining like always & instead comes the snow. So of course i was all excited to get out bright & early the next morning to take some photos & of course it is twenty below. What a drop from the past couple of days! it`s a shame it is so windy because it`s bright & sunny & would just be a great day for them had it been normal weather. Maybe i`ll get lucky & this snowfall will stay awhile. i`m on the lookout for some red tights (thinking i can make a standard outfit more suitable for the holidays) fingers crossed i find some! speaking of that last week i purchased an obnoxiously ugly & annoying christmas sweater & i`m going to deck it out with lights, beads, sequins & the like to wear to all of the christmas parties this year. OK well maybe not all of them. Was very surprised could find one from a discount/department store. There was also a coat there i really liked but was more than i should be spending on myself this time of the year & it`s not exactly warm enough for the season. Today is my mum`s birthday ( big 4-0! ) still waiting for her to open my gift *fingers crossed* she likes it! We ordered chinese food for the first time in like a year or two & had the best pineapple chicken i ever tasted! Rice is overrated so we didn`t order any of that but for the most part it was great. The cake...not so much. Maybe we`ll do homemade next year.

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