i ditched the french for red.
2008-11-25 @ 3:05P

Today was an eventful day. Some days it just amazes me all of the things i can get done in a few hours, but it`s days like these that make the days you sit around in the house relaxing (aka doing nothing) seem very dumb. i don`t want to get caught in that hamster loop like everyone else. Rushing everything & going nowhere.
i`ve nearly finished my gift shopping for the holiday season aside from a couple of those very difficult-to-shop-for friends. With the exception of them everything else i need to buy i`m just waiting to buy it. Usually (throughout the course of the year) if someone speaks to me & says they need or want something i make a mental note or even write it down so i have an idea what to get them right away if a birthday or occasion suddenly comes up. Some people though are just impossible. So... just last weekend was our Christmas parade & this weekend came all the fundraisers & parade (our city has two) & Sunday was Toronto`s Christmas parade. The snow always helps me get into the spirit of the season but work certainly doesn`t...especially when all we play is summer music. over and over.
So here are all my lovely gifts i`ve purchased so far. For the boys:

Those DVDs aren`t cheap either i must have spent close to $100 on just those three kind of a rip but i don`t feel bad paying it since these are much better to buy than the standard movie for $50 in bluray.
Haven`t purchased anything for mum yet...i`m thinking of some jewellry or
something more unusual that she likes but wouldn`t buy for herself like a phone or mp3 or Wii.
HK stationary set
This is a hello kitty stationary set for one of my friends. Surprisingly it wasn`t that expensive for how many pieces are included. She is only hard to shop for because she already has so much hello kitty merch that you need to try to get the newest items. Hopefully she hasn`t had this one already.
But even i have difficult friends to shop for who i`m still totally torn on what to get them.
chanel perfume
This is what one of my other friends wants but of course it is very expensive & hard to find. i`ve already searched in every store i know of that sells perfume i wonder if she would settle for something else. & then i have some other friends that i just have no idea what to buy for them. We`ll see.

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