2008-11-24 @ 2:09P

Today i did french on my nails: just stepping a little outside my comfort zone. Usually i will opt for deep & dark colours sometimes interesting simple designs like polka dots & there has always been a love for bright metallic polishes. i wonder if that sounds a little outrageous to some peoeple? But yes, the more natural is something i tend not to gravitate towards. it`s been a nice change - i won`t do it too often.
i`m thinking i could change this into a photo or maybe even a fashion diary. it could contain pictures or videos of my french manicured nails & such. i`m developing a much larger wardrobe now with more disposable pieces but somehow everything is working together. Although i may not have enough outfits to do something totally different for every day of the year. i guess this is because i`m slowly warming up to thrift shops. i love walking out of there knowing i`ve just bought some items that nobody else in my city is going to be wearing. i used to like to fit blend in but now i`m more darker than ever - in a better way of course. Sadly my camera only takes low quality photos which is really why i have a lack of myspace updates & there aren`t too many nice areas that are close enough for me to get to take a good photo everyday & you know how important it is to have only good photos...we`ll see. Not to mention that my favourite season to dress for is almost over! =(
One of the thrift stores in my city was having a huge sale last Friday. You could fill one huge garbage bag full of any kind of item & it was only going to cost $10. So my friend & i having never been to this particular shop before as it`s a little out-of-the-way decided to take a day & go. Wow did we end up with a lot of bizarre & cool stuff. i can`t wait to get out & take some photos of us wearing some of these items.
i never used to like vintage or thrift shops because i always thought they were only full of dirty & old worn items. Well some of them are, but once you find out which ones not to visit you find more you should. Since i have never liked shopping for clothes this is quite a treat for me. These stores have become a one-stop-shop. i can find pretty much anything i want except for maybe jeans & accessories. & why would i want to go anywhere else when nothing fits me anyhow? i honestly think being petite is much harder than being plus sized since that is becoming the norm now. & i definately don`t understand why a designer pair of jeans or shoes cost so much
anyway? i just look at it this way: it is a law in most areas to cloth your body - what if clothes became so expensive people couldn`t? Kind of a terrible thought.
Sticking with the theme of this post i thought i would make a list of items i am currently on the hunt for or just lusting after:
- snow leopard print faux fur cowl neck jacket/bomber
i love fur but haven`t the heart to wear it so i opt for faux whenever possible. Similar but not limited to this style.
Channelling marykate olsen.
- light or acid wash jeans

- black skinny pants that don`t stretch out too much to no longer be worn.
- a blazer
- white shoes that do not either look like they were made for a 2 year old or 200 year old.
- These.

that`s all for now.

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