zombie crush
2008-11-03 @ 8:56P

Although this month hadn`t been so great or productive in any way i have to say halloween was fantastic. The night didn`t go exactly as planned, but nothing ever does anyway. When i look back on the years - halloween in particular - i don`t think i`ve ever had a 'bad' or disappointing halloween. That`s why it`s my favourite holiday. Even on the years i never did anything special at all it was still a ton of fun.
This year i went as the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz. i had a lot of fun making the costume & with the exception of shoes it was less than $15. i think i will continue to make them for the years to come. We didn`t get chosen for any costume contests but that really wasn`t my goal anyway. it`s nice when you go out & are totally sure that nobody is going to have the same costume as you.

i had a picture of the whole group together but some of us were so drunk that it didn`t really turn out. i was out way too late for having to work the next morning but that doesn`t bother me at all. especially when we were having so much fun. i`ve gotten home pretty late some weekends & school nights but never so close to 4 in the morning. i spent the rest of the morning thinking about next halloween. at least i woke up in time for work so i don`t feel the least bit bad.
i usually don`t decide what i`m going to dress as for the next halloween until sometime in january, but i was so happy with the way my costume this year turned out that i think i will take the time to make a really elaborate one for next year. i`ve already got some ideas.
The first is a mermaid or siren or some fantasy creature. It really isn`t something girls tend to dress as around here so i think i could make it my own. maybe i will buy a vintage nightgown or wedding dress & alter it to my liking. i really like this idea because it is not what you would immediately think of such as ariel from the disney movies some girl topless with only a green skirt on. i always love the mermaid style shape of a dress because it is very flattering. maybe i would embellish it with some seashells or 'seaweed'. But i still have plenty of time to think about it.
i am already too excited.

Or perhaps i will opt for something a little more practical to wear. i think if i wore a gown like that i would be worried about messing it up. So maybe my second choice is a better idea:

Wherein i would dress as some sort of royalty character; real or fictional: i`m open. Today i bought a top that would look great with a cleopatra costume: it has golden coloured beads, sequins & designs sewn in that make it look very rich & i can`t see myself wearing this on an ordinary day.
Or maybe i will be some kind of animal again. Those are always fun.

Than again i may just get two costumes & then i can go anywhere i want without being worried about what to wear & nobody will get tired of seeing me in the same outfit too many times in a row & it`s a good excuse to buy even more expensive & unusual jewellry than necessary.

This was such an odd month but i`m glad it`s over. 2008 has been a weird year in that way - i found rather than halloween feeling like it ended the party season this year it feels like it`s just beginning & i`m kind of glad it feels that way because now it`s like a lead into the holiday season. i kind of like it being a warm up for what`s to come even if it`s never felt that way before.

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