season poem
2008-10-27 @ 10:40A

i`m beginning to hate living here with all the constant banging & work going on that i have no control over. it is somewhat difficult to get used to being awoken by loud obnoxious workers every morning for two months. i love how the only days they don`t work are the days i work. lovely.

i suppose i can`t really complain because these sounds still don`t compare to the lawnmowers every morning in the old apartment. i wish sometimes i could have grown up in the same house since i was born & continue living in it throughout my whole life like most of my friends families do.

i missed the second apartment so much. the one we lived in for eleven years. it was so close to the park & there were hardly any bad memories there. Being back on this side of town is much better for my peace of mind though. We get to shop at the same grocery store we used to. & i can still get to that park easily enough through a couple of bus rides. One thing about this city no matter where you are there is not much of a shortage of nature. i love being able to see the leaves on the tress change & experience the seasons as if i were a part of them.

i`ve spoken to so many people who have left here & came back: most of them say it`s something about the water & how it keeps us cool all year long. But i think that`s probably the same in every area. Home is where your heart is. Despite there not being much here i like it. There are no celebrities or hot spots to hit but that keeps it from getting too noisy & crowded.
Take this same city & move it to somewhere in the united states & it becomes a small town hardly known. i wouldn`t want to leave it. i could leave but i think i`d always come back.
One comedian i watched said we are the most friendly people in the country. It`s probably true, but it can be annoying at times. Even still i don`t mind it doesn`t mean i have to talk to everyone on the street like they do, but it`s still big enough here that not everyone knows everyone. maybe i`m strange but i like people not knowing who i am.
i think i would buy my dream home here if i could. it would probably be large because i don`t mind feeling alone when there are other people about. it`s something about needing to get away from all the hustle & bustle. it would have two an upstairs & downstairs maybe a secret garden in the back with a willow tree. maybe even have my own tennis court back there.

it would be like my own personal castle.
when i was in elementary school i can remember an old stone house that was covered with overgrown bushes & vines & i always wanted to see what it looked like inside though i never did. i never saw anyone ever come & go from that house & neither did anyone else. The kids would say that a witch lived there. It`s funny how kids can be so prejudiced. But who knows now maybe that was true.

i think i will end up living in one of those so called "haunted" houses just because they look so creepy & i always loved creepy things. In this city there are homes like this everywhere. Maybe someday i`ll be lucky enough to live in one of my own.

Then again maybe i can only dream.

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