a blink of an eye
2008-05-20 @ 9:43A

Yesterday I opted to take a bath - for the first time in about a year. I guess I was in much need for some relaxation. One amazing thing about moving is I won` have to deal with the torturous squeeling of the 'energy saving' shower. Last night whilst getting out of the bathtub I somehow knocked over a bottle of conditioner. I didn`t really care because it was given to me for some reason or another I can`t quite remember - it was not exactly a staple in my toilettries. As the contents of the bottle spilled over the ledge & into the bath I had one of those what do you call them? Aha! moments. I`m still not sure why it happened but I found myself frozen staring at the conditioner & the water both slowly circling the drain. That`s when I noticed that this conditioner rested on the top of the water & didn`t blend in. I`m not going to make any metaphors out of it - it`s only a simple mistake but it`s the feeling I had when watching this happen that caught my attention. I hope someday soon I am moving on to some more bigger & better things.

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