heaven tells (no lies)
2008-04-27 @ 10:38P

Everyday something new comes up. Every day a new beginning, &ending. Every single day a new issue arises: there is always something we need, something we`ve got to fix or 'at least' mend. I`ll be the first to say it if I have to: I don`t really believe in "saving the environment". If people wanted to change their lifestyles drastically they would have already done so.
Al Gore uses 30% more overall energy than an average family of 4.
I don`t like to preach to people - anyone for that matter. & most if not all of the time I will reserve my opinions - especially if there is a chance they will offend others. Most of the time I do not even put these things in my diary - it`s getting on my nerves. I`m sick of hearing the word "green" everyday. My new years resolution: I`m moving past it all: beyond the majority of people & I`m going to live the life I want to live as best as I can. I`m not going to do what you tell me to do just because you think a certain way.
Remember in the 80s when everyone thought eggs were horrible for you & kill you if you ate too many?
Remember when sodapop & candy could kill you if you ate them at the same time?
Remember in 2004 when cell phones caused cancer?
I`m sick of it all. Aren`t you?
How do we know that all of the oil in the ground didn`t need to be dug up?
Remember the old days when we rode trains than ran on coal? Why is it so impossible with today`s technology that we cannot recreate that? Why can`t we make things run off of garbage? If these things are so terrible for the planet why aren`t they illegal by now?
I doubt I can say much more of this or even handle continuing to hear it - every one is an expert at everything right?
Know-it-allism should not be a trend.

I do not even care if the actors go on strike. What difference is it going to make? The last time I went to a movie theatre was almost a full year ago. I would predict it`s a fading trend.

My new year`s resolution is going to be to stop getting suckered by advertising.
This to me means watching television almost never - only watching the movies I already own & enjoy. Nor clicking anything on the internet without first examined & read what the link is taking me to.
I plan to take it even farther: if someone even so much as pulls out a newspaper I will distract myself. If someone begins to talk about the news I will leave the conversation.
If companies weren`t making money they wouldn`t still be in business.
I have to do this to keep myself sane. It`s no shock why people keep getting bigger - their self esteems smaller.

I`ve put too many words into this entry & too little effort.
Every day something new comes up on the news - & i can`t watch, I can`t even listen. It`s disgusting & makes me feel physically ill.
I won`t post videos or anything but almost every time I watch a new video or come on the internet there is something being shoved at you to notice. Some people might like the violence in movies today but I`ve really had enough hard times in my life to continue torturing myself. Some of the things, yeah they are all in good fun. I know they are just actors & they are doing their jobs but the real thing is one million times worse. I`m tired of being traumatized by these things day after day & it`s times like this I am extremely grateful I live in a small city in one of the weathiest countries in the world.

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