Questions that Matter #8
2008-02-16 @ 7:18P

I need to catch up on these...

Do you think prejudice should be taken more seriously?

I`m not sure that I can put this answer into a yes or no format as I have done with some of the others. I think everyone chooses how anything is going to affect you. If someone I never met called me a cracker I really wouldn`t care. All they are showing is their own ignorance & close-minded ways of thinking: but contrary to popularity I would probably laugh about it for the rest of the day just as if some of my friends or family might have said it to me. Even though to some people the term is offensive you are only going to hurt yourself by getting worked up about it.
I`ve lost a lot of my self esteem points from listening to what strangers say to me: whether it was made as an insult or a friendly joke. I used to take offence every time. Now the most I do is act as though I`d never heard it. People make comments to me nearly every day that get to me & most of the time I can`t help it, but at the end of the day: it`s only a stranger - most likely I will never run into that same person again in my entire life. So getting upset over a comment is pointless whether it was made with an evil intention or a good intention.
People forget: discrimination is a good thing. A lot of white people now are so afraid to notice anything of colour that they are not being honest. It`s not to say that there is no difference in being polite or rude but I wouldn`t want someone of another race, gender, stature etc to totally not recognize who I am. People just need to realise the positives of discrimination so than we can eliminate the prejudices.
I don`t necessarily think there should be laws against prejudices because that would fringe on freedom of speech rights. But when you look up the word prejudice it can be seen in many different ways. The general definition being that you judge something before you know anything about it. This is against my beliefs & if other people do not want to support that so be it. I don`t think or expect prejudices will ever be totally demolished because it is human nature to judge something upon first seeing it however that is not always a bad thing.
I suppose then that my answer to this question would be no. It is taken seriously enough already & overall I think the main thing the people of earth should do is lighten up & quit jumping the gun - send out some more goddamn love.

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