Questions that Matter #4
2008-02-06 @ 4:55P

Would you ever get a genital piercing?

How is this a question that matters? I guess I will answer it anyway...
Honestly: I`ve considered this a few times, but only as a temporary thing. But when you think of it as temporary - is it really worth it? If I did not keep the piercing throughout my life than is it worth the short amount of time I will keep it? Is it worth the pain & the money? I must have thought these questions through over and over for about a month. And when the answers exceedingly became no, no, no: I decided not to have it done. And looking back on this now that it`s presented itself as an "important question" I begin to wonder what made me want one in the first place? I guess I was reading about them and it was about a year since I had my naval piercing the previous february (which is now becoming a habit considering how i've had thoughts to pierce my hips this month) and I thought it would be fun. I guess I thought it would make my sex life more interesting, but when I thought about it deeper I knew I didn`t want to take care of it and it ultimately wasn`t what I wanted.

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