Questions that Matter #5
2008-02-06 @ 5:05P

Do you think happiness is underrated?

Yes and no. When I ask someone how they feel it`s always genuine and sincere: I want to know how they are doing. And it`s an easy way to strike up what I believe to be an important conversation about their life(summarized) But oftentimes people simple reply a short "good" or "well" and be on their merry way. I think this gives a sense of happiness being underrated. A lot of people do not even know if they are happy or not. I`ll ask my friends over and over how they are feeling, and if they are happy and it`s the same short, unoriginal answer. I know what makes me happy & sometimes I know that question is difficult to answer, so when someone asks me and has the time to listen I give them something to listen to. I`m not saying that I go on and on complaining and bitching about life but I live by this rule: don`t keep your problems a secret. And some people might think being unhappy isn`t a problem I know I was guilty of that before - but being happy does not need to be a complex life long goal. It should be short term and in the now. If you aren`t happy now why WOULD you be happy in the future? What are you waiting for? It doesn`t make sense when you look at it deeper. So I find my problems when they are taking over my emotions and immediately address them. I know that does not work for everyone but it`s working for me just fine.

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