To Brittany
2007-12-18 @ 12:35P

you were never a "pretty waste" & I know you know that... until now. You were always the one they all looked up to even if you were younger than them. You were always the one everyone wanted around regardless of how fucked up your mind is.

&i hate knowing with total certainty that i will never be close to you. i hate knowing absolutely that i will never be as good or as bad as you will be. i hate that i can`t even try or i`ll be made fun of by strangers who don`t even know me. you think your life is so bad - we`ll you don`t even know the half of my troubles.
yeah; i can sit here &type out all my problems &hope that i get through to you, but i won`t. &what is the point if every word i try doesn`t succeed? there is no point. so i`m done. i`m not going to try & be you - that will never happen. & even if i was - it still wouldn`t be the same. But i`m just trying to let you know now that i will surpass you in every respect i know how. watch out.

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