ima mess
2007-12-09 @ 2:45P

i look way more like a trainwreck than you.

ugh another boring sunday wasted. Why is it that I never to anything fun or exciting or memorable on Sunday? That`s gotta be changed someday...
So we ordered pizza the other night &i`m pretty much all doped up on different medicines so that I don`t need to suffer an allergic reaction anytime this weekend. After all the food really isn`t worth the stomach pain &skin irratation you go through so I don`t really mind feeling like this. In fact it is sort of nice to not feel anything at all for a change. I guess that must make me a good candidate for getting addicted to pain killers then.
I don`t even have a reason for adding an entry today - I just feel like my diary has been neglected for a little too long. I don`t have anything poetic or significant to contribute but inside there are tons of things I want to spill, but because I have no clue how to word them I`ll just have to hold them inside for a little while longer. Stupid entry.

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