2007-12-07 @ 9:31P

Despite wanting to stay out much later tonight I was pretty much required to come home. We were at a guy` party who I`ve never met until this day & the only ticket I had to get home was a ride from a friend of a friend. So regretably here I am to write about the rest of my day, but I suppose in this case it`s better safe than sorry & when I think harder on it it is probably better to be safe & warm at home than out dancing & drinking on an empty stomach with no way home. Although I chose a disappointing - boring route: I don`t particularily enjoy walking home from the other end of the city during a storm in the pitch dark of night.

I think I made a wise decision. At least I won`t be hearing about what I missed after I left this time so I`m happy to feel that it`s worth it.

I awoke a few times this morning. Because of the direction in which the sun rises in the morning I had the priviledge of awakening to the sound of snow hitting snow & the dripping of icicles melting. Now it would be reasonable to think that I would never be able to hear such a thing, but because my bedroom has two windows - both of which are covered in a thick layer of snow it becomes a little more believable. So I get up for my typical everyday shake - there`s no powder so instead I opt for hot chocolate. I know it`s probably not the healthiest start to a day, but you only live once right? I top it with fluff & return to my bed.

An hour or so might`ve passed before I hear the phone ring which might as well have been an alarm clock since I didn`t have my earplugs in like on normal nights. I don`t bother answering it but rather tiptoe out of my room because even the slightest creak on the floorboards will wake the dead. I begin to get dressed & then on my way.

It probably would have been smarter of me to have done this upon the first time I got woken up because once I get downtown - it`s lunch hour & that means the busiest hour in this mall of the day. So I wing it because well there`s nothing I can do to control the crowds or make them go away & today I have plenty of work to do. By the time we get to the machine & back to the store it`s probably been about fifteen minutes. Oh well.
Today is my mum`s birthday & I`ve found out exactly what she wants - now the only problem is finding it once you get out shopping. Picking out the perfect tote was a big deal: it was challenging & difficult. Every different bag we looked at I could hear her making some negative comment about each one & how it was not her taste in one way or another. Too long, too wide, to narrow, to large, too small, too bulky, too matchy, too many charms, not my style, straps too thin, strap too wide, no closure, not enough pockets, or just plain ugly. Finally at the third store: or the one I had originally wanted to go to - we managed to narrow the selection down to two different choices. There was some debate about what the bag was actually needed for & I decided on my own that it needed to be fashionable & practical at the same time. After trying the bags out myself I picked one I hoped she would like.
The bus ride back was extremely hot & uncomfortable - as always. I was just thankful that I would not have to deal with it for more than fifteen mintues or so. Getting out into the cool winter air never felt so good after that.
Everything else worked out pretty well - I picked out a movie, some more gifts & a slightly sentimental card, & a movie. I never meant for this to be such a last minute thing - it just sort of ended up that way because I most certainly try not to procrastinate as much as possible. Another hour gone by & we grab a cab to head home. I spent some time setting up the decorations & blowing up balloons: this year my mum would have a great birthday - not like the past few. Most of all I wanted it to not look like I tried too hard.
At six o`clock or so we ordered pizza because I hate cooking for birthdays - especially someone else's birthday. Mum came home early & everything worked out great she loved all the presents & even though the cake wasn`t as good as it could of been had it been made from scratch we all still appreciated it. I`m glad she finally got a really nice birthday & something to brag about to her friends for awhile.

As of now I`m so drowsy from the buzz & the combination of food I`m allergic to versus the medication to dull it - I could fall asleep immediately after my head touches a pillow tonight. But I couldn`t help to stay up a little bit longer so I can call my ride & make sure that I still didn`t miss anything. Two birthday parties in one day can wear a girl out.

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