whatever you like
2007-12-06 @ 1:50P

if i were her, i`d have the hugest ego in the world

I know I`ll never be her. I`ll never even come close to showing you a piece of myself that even remotely resembles her. & you know what I don`t mind. The only thing I want is for one person to say genuinely without lying or pretending or favouring one of us more over the other that they believe I can be better - despite what he sees.
Although I may never come close to being her in any respect I don`t mind as long as one day I exceed her & everything she gives you. I wish I could say truthfully with all of my heart that I am happy for you, but I can`t. another one of my weaknesses. I am happy for you, but I just wish it didn`t have to be her. & maybe then I could be honestly & whole-heartedly happy for your happiness.
It`s just not fair. Why does he get to hurt me so much & continue on finding someone who`s so much more than what I was. Why can`t I have that kind of love & happiness too? This world is cruel.

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