2007-10-06 @ 8:10P

I haven't written in here much lately... but there honestly hasn't been anything worth writing about. Still; I need to get some things off my chest & when there's no one else to listen it helps to write in here. I don't know if I'll ever finish this diary - I will probably never go back to a book again since I much prefer the convienence of having it online. Not to mention it's easier to type than write & when I want to go back & read an entry I can actually read it. It sucks having messy handwriting.

Now that I think about it I don't recall writing much about past events all this time. It feels like months although it's probably been quite short... who knows

Sometimes it's nice to reflect back on the things in a different light when you didn't take the time to appreciate them in the first place. Over time you can see things in a different perspective & that's what I like about a journal.
This entry won't even end up being about anything at all. I just like to appreciate this website for what it is. Unlike many other sites - this one gives you the option of total privacy if you wanted it. I guess most of the time I don't like writing about the things I've done or places I've gone because I don't want to look back & be ashamed...I don't want to have anymore regret than I already do, but perhaps the first step away from that is to look at things in another light...

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