2007-09-14 @ 8:25P

wow... for awhile there I had forgotten that I even had a diaryland diary - shame on me! =P

In all seriousness I was thinking of abandoning this - then decided against it. Diaryland has been one of the first sites that I ever signed up on the internet & I'm fairly sure it will be one of the last I ever visit.
When thinking of not having an online diary anymore it seemed okay to me: I'm going to start practicing living without certain things in my life so as not to get caught up in addictions to unnesscessary things (so many of my friends already have). But when I considered this I wondered what I would do if I couldn't go back to this diary on certain days a few years ago to find out what I was thinking. Since it seems that I only come to diaryland when I'm down in the dumps that would probably be very difficult for me. Nevertheless: I am trying to detach myself. I think I'm doing alright... Since when is it totally wrong to indulge every once in awhile?

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