2007-08-09 @ 2:18P

i feel hella better today. i'm pretty proud of myself too. i have plans to change the design of my room - yesterday i rearranged it & woke up hating it this morning so in a couple hours i'm changing it back & buying new bedding & shit to make it nice. i woke up feeling really revitalized & decided to just start cleaning everything out. i wish i could get rid of some more things but it seems as though i need them at the moment.
first thing this morning i tore through my old cabinet & drawers & sorted out my artwork & photos. i got rid of most things that reminds me of anything negative or ex bfs. i proud of that. i finally cleared everything out. the only things i kept are 1 photo that i'm hiding away & a couple notes. oh & i did keep a couple presents - well at least they were supposed to be presents. but they were too nice to throw away so i'll just keep them for myself. i'm feeling really good about this. & i'm really excited to go out & get this makeover done too. i'm going to do my hair & have a whole new wardrobe. i feel a lot better already.
wishing i had done this sooner.

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