ice cream & sprinkes.
2007-08-06 @ 11:50P

i don't know how he can say he loves me and doesn't care if we never speak again? make up your damn mind because i've made mine & otherwise you're wasting my time. i tell him to have a happy birthday & i get no response. of course my comment probably gets lost in the sea of his but either way he wasn't looking & did not respond. but now that my birthday rolls around he sends me wishes - two comments. does he really expect me to reply? he said he read my emails over & over but all i notice is that i never get a reply. does he ever even think of how i might be feeling because of that? did he ever wonder why i kept sending more - in hope of a reply?
are you afraid to really talk to me again?
why would he send the same thing twice over a period of 3 days. well technically they were different but saying the same thing. does he really expect me to send something back after all this time of not speaking?
if i said i love you back you wouldn't believe me anyway & you have a lot of guts to say that to me. it hurt me. it hurt me badly.
& you might not hardly remember our last conversation but i sure do. oh boy i do.

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