to kerry
2004-10-22 @ 4:45P

I never liked you from the start. When I met you, one year and one month and three weeks ago, I thought you were a bossy, mean, vain bitch that was trying to fit in. When I saw how hard you were trying, I thought I would give you a chance. And I realize now, that even though first impressions are difficult to altar, that I had (and still do) good judgement, But I am a sucker for the "nice" people. I was right the first time, and I have decided that I am giving up on you. I am not being fake anymore, because I do not like you, and never have. Why do I need to play nice now when I have so many other people to befriend? Why should I waste my time on you? There is no point in me spending more time with you that you deserve. Good luck on fitting in, a whole year of trying and it hasn't worked out yet, looks like you're going to need it.

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