2006-03-13 @ 4:19P

You better not me lieing to me in an attempt to get on my better side because speaking from experience here: two wrongs do not make a right. They might in mathematics but that's a completely different story & you can't explain emotions through math. Regardless of how much you may like that subject, or me even, but that's no reason to lie to me. If you even are lying. I honestly cannot see that many people making something up- then again truthfully you were the only one standing behind the things you stated. Everyone else kind of had a story behind theirs. I like that about you. & I like that after awhile, you still try & pretend that you don't like me that way-when it's obvious that you do. I've seen you staring at me ;) it's okay. But it isn't okay to lie to me. & for everyone's sake - I hope you are a liar. I know you'd never grow to love me anyway. So let's keep it safe & clean, staying sharp I like to call it - alone.

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