for Kara
2004-12-30 @ 11:56P

I pity the fact that I'm no longer involved in your life. (ahem) I know you need me, you just aren't willing to admit it. You're stubborn, like me. You feel like you don't need anybody to help you, just like me. And it's funny, because you were much less like me when I was around you, or so it seems that way to me now. I-like you, do not appreciate it when people brush me off and disregard me as a piece of garbage. And they cannot see my position. They don't want my advice. I'm willing to take a few steps in your shoes, but you won't take a few steps in mine. Perhaps if I got different shoes, ones more to your liking you would be willing then. But I don't change for anyone but myself. So good luck searching for your perfect friend. Those are so difficult to find these days, after all. I'm only trying to help, for your sake.

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