You broke me.
2007-04-14 @ 6:35P

Things were getting so bad. I lost some friends & I now know you despise me & lied to me. I spent a lot of money & not much good came of it. I didn't get a drive home after school & I am losing weight for the worse. I spent my nights laying in the bathtub with water from the shower pounding on me; I stood in front of the mirror & picked myself apart. I judged you, your mother, your friends, & everything. But there is an upside because now: I don't cry myself to sleep at night; I know who I can trust, & I know who I can't trust; I am growing to learn to love myself because I know that nobody else does or probably ever will; I'm at peace with what has been done; I'm finished mourning. There might not be much out there for me now, but for what is: I'm coming.

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