Prom Dress
2007-03-10 @ 12:38P

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Finding my prom dress was quite the issue. Where I live there were probably six different places I could have found a dress: I checked five; twice. It was pretty painful just looking through and seeing absolutely nothing I liked: mostly stores held the typical prom ball gown: in various colours, & sizes. So I looked up any more stores in the area on yellow pages :P My parents ended up taking me slightly out of the city (about a two hour drive) to another bridal shop that carried different styles & designers that I were interested in.

This is my dress.
& I do look a little sick in it mostly because of the lighting and the flash on the camera - but I love it. It was actually the first dress I tried on - I just had to try more to be sure that it was the winner :P
I've been looking through magazines for a while before I started shopping around & I can honestly say that you need to try everything on - you have no clue what it's going to look like until it's on your body. I was looking for the basics really; I'm under 5' tall & didn't want anything that would emphasize that. & I knew that I didn't want a ball gown - but if I had saw this dress a few months ago when I first started looking I probably never would have thought I'd end up in it. I never wear pink so it's a nice change but hopefully not too drastic for everyone around me. I was a little shocked when I found out that I was wearing a size 10 but it is slim fit & a lace up back so I could easily see how it will look when I have it altered to my size.
When I got back my mum told me to look it up online to see if we could find the dress in another colour but when we typed in the dress number from the receipt - we realized the consultant had ordered the wrong dress! So I immediately emailed her even though it was after store hours asking her to fix the problem - the dress isn't available in my size. But I still ordered the closest to it & I will have it altered. This little bit of anxiety over what was written on the receipt had my nerves shot for the rest of the night until she called again just last monday to confirm the order. It will take about three weeks to come & then I can have it altered... not much left now.
I really don't like my hair there. I need a new real style & I was planning on growing it out but I'm really not sure what I want...

I showed Caleb the dress & he really loves it. He said if i don't go with my crush he will take me. That made me really happy. i just want to see him again in person, not this long distance convos anymore.

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