2007-02-16 @ 6:55P

I like to think I'm making progress.
Today I found I only got a 7/8 on my math quiz & my first assignment an 18/25... I'm not particularily pleased. There's virtually no room for error anymore. I found out that I can't stay in high school for another semester. I'd have to go to another school - not high school & pay for the courses. I feel so crappy about that - I wish I could have gone back in time to grade nine & taken the biology & chemisty & everything that I need now. It's unfair because I didn't really care when I needed to & now I'm stuck trying to make up for my poor decisions. But there is nothing I can do about that now. I'm graduating soon but I'm debating failing on purpose so that I can retake art 120 & then ap art & more maths... that sounds pretty good for me now since I wouldn't have to do any work... but when the next year rolled around I'd be stuck struggling through it - even moreso than I am now. & that doesn't put me in a good place. I'm thinking about a few more options now, I don't have the AP art to help me but I may try for art school or NBCC... whether I pass math or not I am not going to uni here for a BA degree... I don't want to be stuck there for 4 years doing nothing that helps me. I know staying in high school isn't what I really want to do but I think it would ultimately help me for doing what I think I want to do in the future. This is so confusing & there is so much pressure, I still have no idea & there isn't much time left. My dream job isn't looking so ideal anymore.

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