can we co-exist apart?
2007-02-15 @ 3:25P

School's cancelled today due to bad weather. A few good things about that, means I got to sleep in an extra few hours (until one) & some study time, I didn't have to miss anyone because they're all here to talk to & won't have to listen to random conversations through the hallways about what everyone did for valentine's day.
What everyone else is talking about.

I don't particularily mind being single on Vday because I don't exactly 'celebrate' it anyways.
I'm going to stop writing so many of my goals in here. I probably won't write in any more at all actually. I get down when I write about them because I'm thinking about what I'm lacking. I don't want to think that I'm lacking anything.
The school's open house is tonight & I'm glad I had been a part of the artwork & things. I'm glad it's my last year but I know I still haven't quite figured everything after out yet... it's scary but I think I'll make out alright.
This enrry is nothing like what I had thought it would be I guess I just needed to write some random things in order to keep track of how my life is going :P more later I suppose

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