2007-01-22 @ 8:58P

I probably shouldn't be on here considering I have TWO exams tomorrow... 2! :( ugh...
Well the good news is... actually I can't post the good news ...bummer. Anyways these stressful exam moments are almost over... just a few more days - I'll get through it alive this time. What I'm looking forward to the most is getting out of those boring classes & new boring classes - kidding! I just wanna get to the 5 days we have off after this stressful fucking week of extreme studying & hardcore tests!
This weekend my mom & I are going out & shopping for my prom dress - just the two of us. My mom & I are developing a better - closer relationship but I think that happens a lot with people the same age as me... you grow up & appreciate others more. We're doing more things together & I trust her opinion for things like this more than anyone else's although I sometimes may not agree with them. I'm looking forward to it.
I'm happy again. It's a nice feeling - haven't be with it for quite a while. I don't bitch or take things out on people like how I used to... & I'm proud of that because I'm where I wanna be. Doesn't mean I'm anywhere close to closing this diary though... there are still so many other unresolved issues in my life... & there probably always will be but I'm ok with it.
Currently a big issue is my image as it always has been & my life/future. I've really got to pass this exam tomorrow to leave my options open. I'm still not sure if I want to go for business in uni anymore... nobody really makes anything of themselves here anymore but my parents expect me to - there is a lot of pressure on me tomorrow morning to make a good 65-70% at the least. Which is what I should be making but I've struggled with math for my entire life & it only seems to be getting tougher. I guess I just gotta think about what I really wanna do for the rest of my life & take action on it... business is the best step for me - but can I make it there

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