2007-01-20 @ 3:57P

You totally know exams are coming up when you catch me in purple sweats & messy hair + no makeup. Even if it is only on a webcamera.
So I feel pretty crappy today. Studying for 3+ hours as soon as you wake up will do that to you I guess. & because of our landlord complaining about the power bill & everything & then us having to lower the amount of laundry being done I will not even be tempted to wear nice clothes this next week. My eating habits are so shot.
Talking to my ex today about money sort of made me think about how hard I have to try to think positively. It's really not as hard as I thought it was - everyone has their off days but I've made it out to be harder than it really is.
& mom asked me about prom dress shopping the other night. I have no idea what I'm going to do about prom. I've been trying to grow out my hair & then I decided I'm not going if I don't get a date so I'm kind of stuck on the whole thing. I have to buy a dress regardless or everyone will be really upset with me & all the money I received over Christmas would have gone to waste. So whether I go or not - dress shopping is in order. Just not sure if the week after exams is the best time... mostly I'm afraid of not going in general - because of not having a date.. I know I'm not going if I don't get a date but just getting one is definately another tricky aspect of the whole prom - drama - deal.
ugh maybe it's too early to be thinking about this & i should just shove my mind with thoughts of facts on serial killers or somethng from sociology...

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