2007-01-17 @ 7:32P

I don't even know...
He's there for me again, it's as if everything has been reversed. I'm happy & yet nobody is here except him - he cares I can tell. It feels nice but it probably will hurt to tell that I have an agenda, but then again if he does too it doesn't really matter. Probably better that way.
But when everything is looking more & more up but still confusing things complicate even more. I can't even keep track of who's angry with who. I thought I meant more - I didn't want to be just another slut that Caleb talks to... I wanted to be his real friend. But now I realize he tells me the same things he tells everyone else & maybe... I'm not that different. I don't know anymore.

All I know is that my agenda is working out for me regardless of the other [[friendship]] aspects in my life are going...

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