2007-01-14 @ 5:27P

I've been meaning to write an entry for awhile now... I hate when I keep putting it off because now that I can sit down to type something... I have no idea what I meant to write.
Things are going pretty well though my weekend was a little boring. I can only hope the next will be better despite my plans to stay in & study. That's another thing = exams in a week. I have 5. Which means I'll have to work extremely hard to get through math. Not that I haven't been throughout the whole course - in math I always choke on our tests - the teacher puts so much pressure. All my assignments are much in the 80s aside from the tests which I am barely getting by in. Right now it looks like I am setting myself up to fail but I will try not to let that happen. I also have 3 tests this upcoming week before exams... including one in math so I've got my fingers crossed for that.
Aside from school - not much is new that I feel like writing about in here anyways. Our landlord is a total bitch I've never lived in such a picky place in my entire life. Somebody always has something to complain about & he doesn't want to deal with it like a real person & confront the problem. Instead he'll send out the strangest stuck up emails in the world adressed to only me. It sucks & I can't wait to move - he gives more & more reasons with each email.
Our grad-write-ups that go in the yearbook are due this upcoming Friday. I'm still a little unsure of what to write ...thinking I'll just put in some song lyrics that only a few of my closest friends will understand. Or I might just write a little something to address everyone. :)
I should probably have written more than this but I can't think of anything in the moment. I have new pics on myspace & I will have the section about me on this diary finished soon.

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