2007-01-08 @ 2:40P

wow I never blog at this time... today I & my fellow classmates were lucky enough to have an extended Chrismtas break! (aka snow day - school cancellation) & I'm sitting at home relaxing & enjoying it more than anything I'm just happy that I don't have to go back today. It's one last day of sleeping in & enjoying myself by lounging around in pjs all day - who wouldn't want another one of those? :)

& is that the only reason why I'm so fucking happy? I guess I just feel accomplished today - like I've actually done something... I haven't done that much more than I normally do except make muffins. I did the laundry like I always do & check my messages like I always do... I'm just feeling a lot better about myself today - it's nice.
Can't help but wonder why I'm exhuberating so much extra confidence though... maybe cause I had a good long cry last night? Or because I'm so extremely excited & happy about the Christmas pressies I received & can enjoy? Maybe it really just is the extra long break of school... we all took a sigh of relief first thing this morning.
I probably should be reading & studying for my english test & brushing up on old material for when the exams come rolling around, but I don't feel like it. I've been trying not to worry so much lately - maybe I finally realize it's better just to be happy with what you already have instead of worrying about what you don't or might not or could... good day

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