What Goes Around
2007-01-08 @ 8:10P

My confidence & happiness didn't last very long today...This really sucks. I got all dolled up painting my toe nails hot pink because I thought it might make me more desirable... when that & everything else was just a waste of time.
I'm beginning to wonder how much this extra day actually helped. If it did at all. I've been so moody today I have no clue what's wrong with me.
I started looking at prom dresses because I had gotten so confident & so excited about it... I thought I was actually going to get a date. & then I find out so many new pieces to the puzzle... idk what to do
These are the dresses I like the most of all I've seen although I prolly won't start shopping until next month... if I do end up looking at all::
The only problem with all of these is that the models are all very blonde & very tanned...which I am neither. So they may not work out on me... My prom dress is one of my least concerns right now...

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