It's never been easy.
2007-01-06 @ 9:50P

I have no idea what I should be writing here any more... putting thoughts down into words is harder than it's ever been. There are so many questions, answers, problems, solutions, conclusions that people would tell me - what if none of them are right? What if this whole thing is wrong...
Christmas break is nearing it's end. & I can't help but wonder if all the progress I've been making with my friends is all going to fade away, & that everything very well may just go back right where it left off when the break was starting. I don't want that happen - so I try not to focus on it... I made the most of the time I had - or at least I tried to.
I want to focus on the progress I've made during the past few weeks as a new chapter - another start to a piece of my life. My real life is about to start... it's only so many days away - & that's a little scary but with the way I'm feeling right now I have no reason to be afraid.

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