Light & Magic
2006-10-22 @ 12:15P

I met someone this week - a few people actually. He's nice, & cute, & I won't go into much detail because I don't really know him that well yet... but I'd like to get to know him more. I really miss having a boyfriend now - more than ever. I've never really not wanted to be single before this but now I'd rather not be alone & I think I need to be surrounded by others more than ever. I'm feeling so alone & I want to change that.
Among the other people I met was my friend's ex-best-friend. She's better looking in person & doesn't seem as bad as everyone makes her sound to be - but isn't that always how it is. Regardless I don't intend on becoming her friend, anything more, or anything less just because of how "she works" as everyone likes to say.
So she &her guy friend ditched us a little over halfway through the night & I was kind of glad about that since I was being ignored & felt pretty much invisible during the whole time we spent with them. It was nice to actually be acknowledged after they left. I doubt I will be going out with them again - purposely anyway.

I've made plans to spend a night with a friend on this coming long weekend. I'm excited because we've been planning this for awhile but whether it turns out the way we would like or not is another story. I guess time will tell.
Right now I'm just hoping to meet up with that boy again tomorrow morning xD haha

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