2006-10-17 @ 5:32P

I cried today. It made me feel better & I just got rid of any running mascara with makeup to cover - like all the pretty girls do. So now I'm feeling a little more happy.
She confronted me about being mad at her & wanted to know why so I told her the truth. She just laughed because she had no idea what I was talking about - the thing that hurt me the most was that she was laughing & didn't apologize or care that I was hurt. Then again maybe she just couldn't see because I was so covered.
The other girl began acting like nothing happened - like she never freaked at me at all. I love & hate how these people seem to think that I'm always going to be there for them no matter what. I have in the past but I am so done trying to be nice now. I just want some real friends who'll invite me to go out with them - but these girls never do anymore & it sucks to be me.

This is why I need a boy.

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