the c r e a t i v e
2006-10-07 @ 10:43P

did i ever mention the move went well? this new place is ok. i needed the cahange. i said goodbye to my old 'home'. i dont miss it now. all i miss is the ability to see my friends more often. thats the worst part. &the fact i live farther from school &kind of very far from anything. which means a tighhter scehdule. i can only stay up so late. i have to wake early to bus longer. its not bad. i like the time to myself. i could transfer buses &wait to get on with my friends so i could see them. but i dont. its too cold for that in canada. &i dont have a proper winter jacket. id liekyl freeze. i'm frozen when im indoors.

james &i no longer speak. i didnt block or delete him, hes still there but i;ve moved on to look for someone new. he lives too far away now for me anyhow. &hes taken. thats always it right...u think they like u but they are only keeping their options open so they can pick the easy rotten apple on the ground.

im a stuck up bitch &too good for him anyway. im too smart & pretty...or at least.. i will be.
i have a new goal now. The only downfall is whether I can achieve it or not will only affect me within months instead of hours. All I can do is hope now & work for it.

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