2006-09-29 @ 6:50P

I've been working a lot on the section about me here at my diary just because - well it needs to be updated. I'll have more info & photos eventually. Hang tight.
Today I had my graduation photos done so I got the day off of school. I had my hair & makeup all set & everything was looking good & when it's nearly time for me to leave it downpours & not even my umbrella helped. Fortunately though it wasn't a far walk to the studio from the bus stop & my hair was fine. I ended up being very very early. Around 20 minutes too early I think - but it was fine because nobody else was there & I got to go in & get it overwith.
As I was sitting there I felt extremely oddly positioned & nervous of how the photos would turn out while he stood behind the camera & directed me. My body wasn't really working how he wanted it to - I tried to move properly in the right direction but the positions were so awkward it only made me more nervous for when the final result came out. I never liked have my picture taken that way.
After the pictures were done he was extremely quick to show me how they turned out & he must have noticed my face drop when I saw them because he immediately began complimenting me. I guess I'm not that great with facial expressions as I thought. I was at least trying to look pleased.
I hate all of the photos except for one - it's like the traditional yearbook type photo with the gown & flowers... my mom is trying to convince me that they aren't as bad as I say - but they are. To say that the photos look good would be blatently lying. Now I'm looking forward to our family photos more than ever.

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