2006-09-23 @ 7:01P

This weekend is strange. I had three tests last week & I believe I failed all of them but I guess we'll have to wait & find out. I'm not ready for Hallowe'en to come yet.
(this is going to be a random entry because i can't think properly)
I went to the mall - shopping today after having my hair cut. I left my home at 11:30 & didn't get back until around 5. It was a long but busy day so I didn't have much time to think & slow it down. Anyway I got three new pairs of shoes, earrings, & a top. I also made an appointment to have my makeup done with someone representing Lancome on the third of October - after school - I'm really excited about that but not so excited for the bus ride there & back home. Oh well.
In other news I saw a lot of cute boys today & will now be spending a bit more time on the east side than usual for that reason. :] But as long as I get results it won't matter to me how many times I end up going there ;] I didn't mention yet that I have grad photos taken sometime within the next two weeks; not so much looking forward to that but it has to be done. *sigh*

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