Strange Days
2006-09-06 @ 6:34P

Day two. OK so I didn't really do much today but enough happened to make me tired. I woke up a little later than I would have liked because I forgot to set my alarm, but I still awoke in time. When I got to school I went straight to my locker &then the guidance office - this was when I realised that I didn't have my course transfer sheet so I went to my homeroom &got that. By this time the bell rang to start first period &I walked into the guidance again seeing Leah. It was nice to have some one-on-one conversation with her in person again. So I eventually get a number: 22. Now that probably seems like it's going to be a long wait &it was but it's much easier when you have some friends by your side.
An hour goes by &Leah &I make it into the actual office/study area - finally! But we still had to wait before getting to speak with a counsellor. When I finally got in there were only 2 classes I could take not including sciences &online courses: those were physical geography &family living but I have already taken both of those. So every class I want is full - I got put on a waiting list &should go back to the guidance office tomorrow morning before class starts. By the time I actually get out of the guidance office &student lounge two hours have gone by &I end up going straight to third period. That class always flies by.
Getting to the point: during 5th period a counsellor shows up with my schedule - exactly the way I wanted it. Here's what I plan on sticking with:
Sociology 120
Hospitality &Tourism 110
Nutrition &Healthy Living 120
English &LA 122
Functions &Relations 112
In that order. I hope I can keep it that way. Although when next semester comes I will still end up having to make some changes &that doesn't really bother me :]
So I thought my (new) bus came to the school at 3:35P &I actually managed to get out at 3:30 - but no bus that I intended on taking was out there. Now I have no idea what bus I'll be taking tomorrow &it's a little annoying &hectic when the schedule tells you one thing &a bus driver says another - &neither of them are correct. Oh well.
It's red &white day tomorrow (our school colours) for picnic in the park &I don't know if I'm going to even go to this one. I'd like to but I think it might be a bit more crowded than I'd like. I never actually eat anything because it's always all gone by the time I get there usually I just end up watching the band &taking pics: we'll see.
I've been thinking about him more than ever in the past week. I'm lonely &feeling very alone physically too. At this point I'd be happy just fucking around but Justin always winds up in my head no matter what. I wish I could have been better.

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