2006-08-20 @ 11:55P

The way things are going with the move I'm not so sure that I'll get to spend anymore time with my friends until this is all finished. We still don't know the actual date (probably 31st) when we'll be able to move in so that puts a few things on hold. My mother decided on having a moving sale so she's got me helping her to organize what we're keeping, selling, &purging.
I'm trying to decide what to do with my dA account, vainspace account, new flickr, &piczo site. Obviously right now I don't have the time to clear out ever little deviation that's stored in there but I know that even if I keep it that I just won't have enough time to scan, edit, save, &submit all of my drawings to dA. I just can't do all of the work that other artists can; I simply o not have the time for dA anymore.
I'm also debating on what to do with everything else listed above ^for the same reason. I always wondered what would become of it after high school but the more I think about it the less I want my photos on there. We'll see what happens with that. I know I can always move the photos somewhere else.
I don't know anymore with boys. When it comes to Justin I know that I still love &care for him, but whenever we talk he's fucking with my head somehow. &I hate it when people screw with me. He's especially been someone that I find difficult to wrap my brain around. &sometimes I think he knows he's confusing me - &he likes it but this is hurting me so much that I'm getting scared of starting new relationship &I'm worrying I'm more worried than ever that I won't be good enough. &I'm worried that e really does hate me &maybe he just wants to hurt me.

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