My Plague
2006-08-12 @ 10:31P

I'm writing with lipliner on my hand to prove my identity to the world &can't help but think: is this really gunna work?
stupid myspace fakes.

As I write this I'm getting ready for bed &thinking that I may be able to love again. It's really nice to finally have a little crush again &realise that maybe I can date someone else: somebody new. james is really cute &nice to me. He's a sweetheart &tells me everything I want to hear, &exactly how I want to hear it. I wonder if maybe it's only wishful thinking.
Justin &I still talk but it isn't the same &i know that he doesn't want it to be. i hate that but I can't dwell on him forever. It's not being true to myself if I give up so fast.
This new guys makes me think that maybe I'm not asking too much. But I don't know him well enough yet to know for sure. I'd like to get to know him; we'll see how this unfolds.
I'm getting ready to sleep so early tonight because I have to wake up at 9A tomorrow. Our landlord demands that we leave the apartment from 9-5. Now personally I wouldn't mind that if they had gone about it in a different way.
When I said 'demands' I'm referring to the phone call. Our landlord got their sister to call to tell us when we had to leave. This is illegal because we did not receive 7days notice. But we're going to let them have what they want for now. So knowing we'd be leaving before 9A I packed as much as I could &hid everything of value in my room &in various places. Since I can't take everything that I don't trust another person with with me tomorrow I'm taking a few small items that I couldn't bare leaving.
Basically my family &I are taking a day vacation out of town to forget about the hell that we've been going through during this past month. &it's 11P now although I'm not the slightest bit tired I've gotta go.
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