2006-08-14 @ 11:01P

The phone was ringing off the hook until 11P. What a fucking day. I can't forget to mention the worst part: people were telling me my photos were ugly &that I should work on my site. get typing online to Justin finding out he has a crush on some girl. we had made a website together for us on piczo. it had pix of us &milestones in our relationship, things we had done together & trips to took. all the fun we had. &cute stuff written to each other. little letters for us to look at whenever we were fighting or down, although we never rly fought, until that 1 time at the very end. when it ended. &that the boy I was really beginning to like got a girlfriend. his names james. he is super nice &really attractive...longish brown shag hair & tanned. 5'8" 160lbs. This sucks for me. i guess i never had a chance with him. but i'm not goth anymore &thinking like that made me think hey ppl sometimes say i'm pretty...maybe i can date james. &I don't know what I have to live for right now. certainly not boys. this guy doesn't want me. now what do i do? get back to packing. Suffering &getting nothing for it. could be worse.

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