2006-08-01 @ 1:03A

I wanted to stay awake all night &pig out on junk food until it was dawn again but I didn't. I feel as if I should be abe to have a few days when I don't need to do my hair &makeup &dress up because it's not like anyone besides my parents are going to see me. (aside from the seldom webcam convos) We're just packing. But I find it important to make an effort. I guess maybe I gust want people to see me changing &that I've made some mistakes &since they can't see it inside me I have to change my appearance a little too.
Since I'm on that topic now I'm thinking of getting a piercing or two more before september rolls around. Someplace in my ears maybe? I don't know it seems like the right time for a new one, we'll see.

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