True Self
2006-07-24 @ 1:00A

Lately I've been very concerned with my appearance, the way I'm acting, &how I portray myself to other people. I'm not looking for a boy; I'm just caring more than usual. This entry makes me seem very self-conscious when I actually feel very confident &comfortable with myself right now. But the more I think about it the more important it becomes. I'm in my final year of high school now &I want people to remember me as what I am now ¬ who I was during freshman year. These next two or three years are important for me. Aside from the experiences of jobs, graduation, uni &moving. I will be meeting a lot of new people &friends &what I become is important to them too.
I guess watching miss universe 2006 doesn't help much but I'm realising that others don't see me the way I see myself. &I feel like I need to change that.

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