cut, copy, paste
2006-07-21 @ 3:57P

It's as if some tropical rainstorm hit my life &now it's turning into the weather. I want to go out 7play in it - hoping it will wash away all of my mistakes &the smell of permanent marker on my body. My life is windy &cold &everyone who met me one night ago knows there is something wrong. I wish love could be copied &pasted into my world. I don't want the search of finding it because I'm afraid to lose it &fail at it miserably. Drawing is the only thing I'm good at now but I work so hard in my life I start to make things difficult. I've got a new trade now too. My middle finger on my left hand has an empty white heart on it. I'm such a sucker for love. From now on this will be a constant reminder to me of what I'm searching for long before I opened this diary.
Pink is a constant.
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