Pick me up
2006-07-17 @ 11:15P

Lack of food &water really fucks up my mind as far as writing diary entries go, but for some reason the rain at night helps me to loosen up &let go of the daily drama. I haven't had as many plans yet for a whole week. Today was a huge success so I can only hope that every other day this week will be as fun. There is been a lot going on to think about lately &the problem is I don't have anybody to discuss it with. So I've been trying harder &reaching out more even to people I wouldn't normally choose to get advicce from. &so far it hasn't been that helpful. I guess right now I'm in the spot of just letting things fall in place but I'm not quite sure what it is that I want in this moment. Of course there are plenty of objects I could list but how &what do I want to feel when I receive them? Is it happiness, love, hope, success, pride? I'm not even sure. Guess I'll just sleep on it for now...

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